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AFTERWARDS data for 2017

A lifeguard who teaches refugees how to swim, two blind people communicating through sculpture at the NPO “Lighthouse for the blind”, the preparation of the front page of a big cooperative newspaper, a Syrian cantor and musician, a Congolese feast at Lesvos, a personal ad… What do they all have in common?


All these and many more are the pieces of the mosaic depicting a version of the contemporary Greek society characterized by solidarity, by the need to enhance cooperation and reflection on our lives in order to claim a more spiritual every day life. However, at the same time, one can discern the loneliness of those who crave to find a life partner or a friend while fantasizing about an elsewhere. A whole world struggling to look onwards to the future.

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Phantom Limb

Phantom Limb is an erotic drama for the unconditional love which leads to the ultimate sacrifice. 

Having been kept emotionally “imprisoned” in a relationship, all the unanswered questions lead Electra to the search of salvation. An unexpected encounter, two ex lovers separated by 5cm of cold wood. Is it Petros behind the door or is her mind playing tricks? Electra is overwhelmed by emotions and is driven to the only way out, that of confession.

What is more unbearable?
The secret or the question?

Man has shown a great interest in the underwater world from the ancient times.


The first account of underwater facility designed for respiration-a reversed cauldron (diving bell) placed over the head of the diver, in order to prevent the air from escaping, comes from Aristotle.

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We often wonder what happens to people who finish a rehabilitation program and then try to integrate into society. Do they succeed?


This documentary portrays the cases of people who finished the 18 ANO program and have been sober for some years now. We watch snapshots of their lives and we listen to them talking about their efforts to find a job, to become creative, to continue or to reverse unfinished business, to face the problems bequeathed by their addiction, to build a new relationship with their parents and their children, as well as friendships and loves.

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