Editor. Geek. Coffee drinker.

These are just some of the words used to describe me. The rest of them? Mostly just synonyms for hilarious. Like jocular, uproarious, and rib-tickling.

I'm an Athens based non-linear editor with a passion for all things digital, whose love of film, theatre, music, and technology is reflected through my work. I'm also a sticker collector, podcast listener and typeface nerd. 

A graduate of Crete University's Applied Informatics & Multimedia B.E. program, I spent a lot of time working alongside a talented group of individuals at MiND, a Heraklion based production studio. Throughout my time at Crete I've had the opportunity to work with a wide range of filmmakers, story-tellers, producers, and brands to help craft unique films and advertisements.

I'm always looking for new and interesting projects, and would love to help you bring your next film, documentary, advertisement, or vidcast to life.





2017 - 2nd Best Greek Film Award for "Phantom Limb" - Larissa

2016 - Award for "Fabric of Flavour" - Athens

2015 - 2nd Coolest Film Award for "Google It" - Argos

2015 - 2nd Prize for "A Hardworking Robber" - California

2014 - Best Short Film for "A Hardworking Robber" - Cluj





Tel: 00306974343222


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